Geo Melting Pot:
On-Demand Geospatial Experts and Expertise

Nowadays a great part of all the available geospatial satellite data is free and accessible to everybody. But these data are still difficult to interpret.
GeoMP helps you finding the right experts (freelancers, companies or universities) that know where to find and how to process these kind of data for your Earth Observation purposes.

Work as a Geo Expert
Can someone tell me if and how I can use those satellites up in the sky to monitor the crop condition of my field to optimise its growth?”3 minutes ago
Hey there!
I’m a geo expert and I know how to use and where to find the right geospatial data to help you analysing your field. Let’s work together!Just now

How It Works

  • Post a geo requestPost a geo request

    Post a geo request to solve your problem using satellite data and receive responses by geo experts (companies or freelancers) from all over the world.

  • Choose a geo expertChoose a geo expert

    Between all the responses you will get, choose the geo expert you prefer based on their proposed solution,their skills, their bid and price and the reviews of their previous solved works. You can also interview them.

  • CollaborateCollaborate

    Use geoMP to chat, share files and define project milestones for an optimal collaboration.

  • Pay safelyPay safely

    Use the safe payment methods that geoMP provides to pay fixed price the already reviewed and thus reliable geo experts. GeoMP will store the money at every official start of a new project milestone and will automatically release the money to the Geo Expert once the milestone is completed. We will always be there to assist you.

Our Expertise

  • Agriculture and Forestry
    Agriculture and Forestry

    Land classification, crop and irrigation analysis, Forests and fires monitoring.

  • Energy

    Anomaly detection on assets (solar panels, pipelines etc). Clouds forecasting, environmental risk predictions.

  • Finance and Insurance
    Finance and Insurance

    Estimate of new socioeconomic risk indexes thanks to detailed geospatial analysis and forecasting (e.g. for natural disasters and agriculture).

  • Environment

    Climate change trends and analysis, environmental crimes detection, oil spills and water/air pollution. Building footprint segmentation.

  • Water and Maritime
    Water and Maritime

    Ship detection, aquaculture and fisheries monitoring.

  • Satellite and Drone Imagery
    Satellite and Drone Imagery

    Thanks to our partnerships we can provide third party very high resolution images and analysis, adding our in-house expertise, with focus on Artificial Intelligence applications.

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Our Services

  • 1Post a geo request

    Would you like to use some satellite data but you don’t know how and where to find them? Post a geo request explaining what is your problem, set a price and hire a geo expert!

  • 2Browse advertised Geo Data

    In this section the geo data providers will be able to advertise for free their geo data portals and products, so that a geo expert will use their data to solve the geo request he/she needs to solve!

  • 3Bid and fulfill a geo request

    As a geo expert (freelancer or company), find the jobs that match your skills and make a bid to be hired. Choose among a wide range of geo requests and make a profit out of your technical knowledge!

  • 4Geo Statistics

    In this section it will be shown the trend of geo end-users needs, what type of data they really need and which geo requests are still unfulfilled because of lack of satellite data. These statistics will allow geo data providers to wisely decide which type of future geo data to produce and make available to everybody!

  • 5Consulting

    We also offer a full consulting service, with our trusted team of in-house geo experts we can assist you in any type of geospatial and Earth Observation project, contact us if you would like to know more about it.