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My background is in Physical Oceanography. At the moment I am with the Institute of Marine Sciences of the Spanish Research Council. My main interest is related to the retrieval of wind and sea state from microwave active sensors such as SARs, scatterometers and GNSS-R. In the past I did work in the retrieval of the thermodynamic state of the atmosphere and tropospheric minor and trace gases such as O3, CO2, CH4, N2O from satellite hyperspectral radiance measurements.

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Tursi, Italy
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I have a vast experience of working in GIS/Remote Sensing/Cartography field. I am well acquainted with and did varieties projects using ArcGIS, QGIS, QGIS Cloud, GeoServer, PostGIS, ERDAS Imagine, Envi, AutoCAD, LibreCAD, Global Mapper, Manifold and MapTiler software. I have worked in different GIS Applications like Agriculture, Forest, Environment, Urban, Fisheries, Mining, Disaster Management, Health, Mobile Networks etc. I have worked on High Resolution Drone Images, CartoSat, LandSat, Liss-III, Liss-IV and multi-spectral images DEM/DSM and SRTM files. I can process and orthomosaic drone images and can give the final data into 3D model, Digital Surface Model, GeoTiff and Lidar (LAZ) format. I can perfectly do geocoding and reverse geocoding 2000 addresses in a day using Google/Bing API. I can also work on NetCDF files for extracting the surface temperature. Recently, I worked on COVID-19 (corona) mapping. I would be pleased to work with you on various GIS and Remote Sensing applications. My first priority is the quality of work and deadlines.

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Ahmedabad, India
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Rome, Italy
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Frascati, Italy