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KevinVerified User
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Experienced Remote Sensing Applications Professional having developed many value added products for several vertical markets across multiple companies, with operational deployment across many countries.

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Ottawa, Canada
Sara BarozziVerified User
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Motivated, enthusiastic and adventurous person, ready to discover new topics, to explore new answers. I'm a real athelete: I run, I climb, I explore, I do gymnastics. So I don't know working-limit hours, I won't give up, I work hard, I know how discipline is and I accept it, I don't looking for excuses, I don't complain of fatigue, I take responsabilities and I don't blame my colleagues, I don't look at appearence but only to do my job, giving my best. This is what means to be an athlete.

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Mantova, Italy
MalineeVerified User
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GIS and Remote Sensing professional

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Bangkok, Thailand
IshanVerified User

I have a vast experience of working in GIS/Remote Sensing/Cartography field. I am well acquainted with and did varieties projects using ArcGIS, QGIS, QGIS Cloud, GeoServer, PostGIS, ERDAS Imagine, Envi, AutoCAD, LibreCAD, Global Mapper, Manifold and MapTiler software. I have worked in different GIS Applications like Agriculture, Forest, Environment, Urban, Fisheries, Mining, Disaster Management, Health, Mobile Networks etc. I have worked on High Resolution Drone Images, CartoSat, LandSat, Liss-III, Liss-IV and multi-spectral images DEM/DSM and SRTM files. I can process and orthomosaic drone images and can give the final data into 3D model, Digital Surface Model, GeoTiff and Lidar (LAZ) format. I can perfectly do geocoding and reverse geocoding 2000 addresses in a day using Google/Bing API. I can also work on NetCDF files for extracting the surface temperature. Recently, I worked on COVID-19 (corona) mapping. I would be pleased to work with you on various GIS and Remote Sensing applications. My first priority is the quality of work and deadlines.

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Ahmedabad, India
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Serco Italia SpA
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Frascati, Italy